What is an R-Value?

House is the most important part of life. If anyone asks us a question that tells the most important part of the house then several things come to mind that flooring, decoration, and many more. 

But the most important thing is insulation. Nowadays the energy we use in the house is more as compared to the car. The energy caused air pollution. Many people use energy-saving appliances and insulation for saving energy and to minimize air pollution. 


The value comes while measuring the insulation, this value is known as R-Value. The value is in the form of numbers only. It helps to measure thermal resistance. This means that the R-value transfers the heat from one area to another area. 

It is very important to check the R-value of the insulation. If the R-value is proper and correct then no worries. If the R-value is not proper then you and your home will face many difficulties. 

R-value is not proper, that means it is very tough to control the home temperature, suddenly the electric bills are increased, and many more expenses are increased. Don’t use the wrong R-value insulation in the home.

Whether you buy a new house or stay in the old house don’t forget to check the insulation. Insulation check should be our first priority. If the insulation is not working properly or it is very old then change it and enjoy life with no worries. 

There are many different types of insulations available in the market like fiberglass type, cellulose type, etc. You can select any type of insulation as per your choice. 

In the above article, all the terms related to the R-value are explained. I hope this article will help to solve your problems related to the insulation. The best way to make your home energy-efficient and save money is to fit proper R-value insulation in your home.