Types of Drywall

Drywall is nothing but the construction material which is used for the walls and ceiling creation.  The main purpose of using or installing drywall is – easily installed, durable, and easy to repair. 

Here are the different types of drywalls explained below. It will help you to select the best drywall for your home renovation or construction. 

Regular Drywall

Regular Drywall is also known as a whiteboard drywall. It is a very famous drywall. Tremendous varieties of this sheet with different sizes are available in the market area. The color of this sheet is white on one side and the other side is brown. It is used for only construction and the prices are cheaper as compared to the other drywall.

Green Board Drywall

Green board drywall is well-known for moisture resistance. That’s why it is also called moisture-resistant drywall. The color of this drywall is green on one side and the other side is white. It is quite expensive compared to regular drywall. It is mostly used in bathrooms and kitchen construction. 

Blue Board Drywall

Blue Board Drywall is used for water resistance. Another name of the blue board drywall is the plaster baseboard. It is used for the layer plaster and the paper surface has special features like water absorption. It has high water and mold resistance as compared to the other drywall. It also helps to reduce sound.

Purple Drywall

It is the same as the regular drywall. But it comes with some advanced features like mold and moisture resistance. It is easily available and also helps in the bathroom, kitchen, and ceiling contractions. It is also waterproof then there are no issues when it comes in contact with water.