It’s all about luxury, exorbitance and ridiculously expensive rides on this list. When you have more dollar bills than you know what to do with, and you want a vehicle that meets your status with all features guaranteed to be the centre of attention at every outing. Then these are a great fit for you. These vehicles are not just gorgeous to behold but are also dauntless on the road with the most powerful engines and specifications in the industry. Their authentic and expensive parts make diamonds seem cheap. In the order of most expensive, here are the 3 most ludicrously expensive cars in the world that rock some insane esr wheels.


The luster on the painting of this car raises a lot of curiosity and yes you are correct. The car is coasted in diamonds! How is this possible? The Swedish manufacturers devised a new exterior coating called the koenigsegg diamond weave which is an advanced technique that involves the coating of carbon fiber with sparkles of diamond dust. This is a very expensive exterior covering considering the amount of diamonds needed to cover the full exterior of the vehicle. This sparkling beauty features a 4.8-litre, double super charged V8 that produces an astounding 1,004 horse power with 797 pound feet of torque. This super car is built to leave any semi-automatic vehicle behind. Only 3 of these rides were made.




Lamborghini vehicle are known for their magnificent battle craft looks with speed that literally takes you into the future. This supreme machine possesses stunning eye gouging features which definitely makes it worth every cent. The veneno was manufactured to mark the 50th birthday of the Italian company owner. The vehicle’s name translates “poison” which is a real fit for this deadly beast. The Lamborghini Veneno holds 6.5 liter V12, 8,400rpm to produce 740hp with 507 Ib-ft. It has an ability of 60mph in 2.9 seconds.


The Lykan made quite an impression on the Hollywood block buster ‘Fast and Furious 7” where it was seen trashing its way from one sky scrapper to another. The movie which was shot in Abu Dhabi and features the die-hard Vin-diesel as “Dominic Toretto” who had the privilege to illegally explore the aerodynamics of the Lykan hyper sport. This road killer burns 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and a lightning speed of 240mph. Its 3.7 liter, twin turbo engine holds 770hp and 708Ib-ft torque.